So not a lot to say today really. The oldest boy just, somehow, managed to pass his belt test and advance to his low brown belt. They said they did it partially for motivational reasons, and partly because the majority of his stuff is actually not looking too bad, all things considered.

That’s all well and good as I am sure it will sort itself out naturally. However, at home the youngest one has aparently gone insane while we were here at testing for five hours. I’m pretty sure be will need something more serious than grounding this evening.

At any rate, gaming is tonight so that is cool, more play testing of the new material. 🙂

I am about ready to pitch the book to the publisher I have in mind. I’m pretty sure tgey will jump at it, however i think there might be some issues concerning rights. I hope not since Ireally think this book can be of huge benefit to both myself and them. I suppose we’ll find out soon!

In related news, I am working on a short story for a contest on Deviant Art. It’s turned into a pretty significant piece really. Also, I should be getting more in place on my Jumah’s World story. I think it will be drawing to a close in the next couple of installments sometime.

Anyway, I need to go as I am posting this from my phone at the belt test! 🙂