Odd that it is Saturday…..

Ok, I have missed a couple of days here, but in my defense, I am working three full-time jobs right now so I have THAT going for me. 😀

Alright, I have made my first attempt at contacting the publisher of the RPG’s that I am hoping to work with on my RPG treatment of the Kalijor series. I have high hopes that they will be amenable to working together on this project since I am a HUGE fan of their work and have been for something like 20 years now.

On the writing front, I am working on a contest entry for a DeviantArt member. It was originally planned as a seven to ten page piece but I have been a bit carried away by the story and it is going on 22 pages now (double spaced, per contest entry rules, but still!). They said the longer and more in-depth the story is, the better odds it has of placing in the contest, so I figured what the heck!

I have plans to do some more work on the encyclopedia of Kalijor, lots of ideas rolling around in my head. Quoth the raven, “I suffer from an over-active imagination.” Twenty bonus points toward a fabulous no-prize if you can tell me who said that one!

Ok, I have stuff to do and what-not, so I will get back at it. See you all next time!