Life is moving forward at a very life-like pace and events are progressing as they are apt to do.

I went by one of the few remaining local book stores yesterday and asked about a signing and they seemed overwhelmingly excited about it. I need to call them back today and speak to a couple different people about when and what they think of the book. I think I will actually go there instead of calling them though. Keep things more personal. 🙂

I sent a communication to the owner/publisher of the RPG’s that I am hoping to have publish the RP book. Still waiting on a reply from him. He is pretty busy and it will be a week tomorrow, so I am not wigging out about that just yet. The frustration at the moment is actually centered around a different local book store that has a bunch of hoops authors need to jump through to get a signing. Well I have jumped through the first couple of hoops and am waiting on a return phone call from someone, waiting for more than a week now for a call from a locally owned business….. I just don’t understand that one at all….

Anyway. Gaming tonight! *cheers*

I added a new class to the RPG book and am working on a slew of additional material. It has just been slow going due to the work situation. But it is progressing.

Also, I got the RSS working for this blog so if you want to add it to your aggrigator the URL is: Kalijor Daily!

Ok, back to work on the material. See you all later!