Ok, so I set up The First Key of Kalijor to be purchased/read on the Amazon Kindle format. At this point I am just waiting for it to drop to their list of available books. However, is has thus far been nearly five days since I did my part of the work and their system said it was ‘live’ content, and it still has yet to appear in the lists.

I contacted Amazon’s tech support through their only available means, which begins as a poorly posted series of FAQ’s that are cut up into little categorized pieces, none of which are terribly descriptive as o what category might actually hold the single, tiny nugget of information you are in search of. So I finally posted to the forums asking the question and a very prompt reply told me that in the FAQ’s it says to wait 72 hours for your material to ‘drop’ to the list.

I propose that a single page FAQ would be infinitely more useful as it would be searchable and they would get less of that sort of question. Either way, it has now been WAY more than 72 hours and the book still has not dropped to the lists, so I have posted for assistance yet again. We’ll see what happens….

On a more ‘holiday cheer’ note, we have some company from out of town here for the holiday today and the kitchen and house are a-buzz with conversation and activity as the meal is cooked and stories are told. All-in-all it is very refreshing and fun, I look forward to the rest of our company arriving this afternoon.

The books are ordered and being printed for the signing on December 12th. For anyone that is interested that will be taking place at ‘Black & Read’ book store at 80th Ave, and Wadsworth Boulevard in Arvada, Colorado. I haven’t settled on a time with them as yet but I am thinking it will run from around noon, until six or seven in the evening, or as long as the books last, whichever comes first.

Ok, I am off to enjoy the family experience. So until next time, enjoy the day, in whatever capacity you choose, and I will talk to you all later!