Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to see me at Black & Read last Saturday! I personally enjoyed the experience very much and was privileged to meat some very interesting people.

Please stay tuned to my web site at www.kalijor.com where I have a blog and community forums for everyone to partake in. Also there are a dozen or so short stories on the main page under the ‘Writings’ link on the main menu, with more to come soon as I move into a little vacation time from the regular job (one such story about Katrina and Riana is well into being written already).

When you finish the book please take a moment to stop by Amazon.com Or Barnes & Noble and add a quick review of the book so others can read your thoughts.

That having been said I am out of here, so a merry Christma-hanna-kwanza to you all!