Heyas all!

First off let me say that I realized about ten seconds after I sent out that news letter that I had typo’d ‘meat’ in place of ‘meet’. My bad. I don’t think that was a freudian slip or anything, just a case of being distracted whilst typing, that and I think I wrote that on my Windows machine instead of my Mac… My Mac does a much better job of keeping me in line when I start running on. Not that that ever really happens….

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope you all out there in reader-land had a wonderful holiday of choice and that I am still off for another week yet. I am about half way through a short story that I promised for my dA watchers a while back. Unfortunately I have had a ton of stuff going on at home and at work so I have not had a lot of time to devote to it recently. However, I have put on about four pages in the last three days (one of those being Christmas day, on which I did zero writing due to family visitation), and I hope to finish it out tomorrow.

That having been said, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Next up I have plans to finish out the Jumah’s World story arc, and get it put together for editing so that I can start up a cover art contest on dA and the Kalijor site. After that I have another, non sci-fi/fantasy book that I am writing (shouldn’t take too long really though so no worries) and then it is back to the Third Key of Kalijor. My editor is still working on the Second Key of Kalijor (thanks hon!!) and I will probably get on the first rewrite after I finish up the Third Key for her to dive into.

So, Lots to keep ME busy, how about all of you?

I hope the holidays find you all well and the new year is everything you hope that it will be. Personally I am looking forward to a great deal of fun and some serious pushes to get the book out there in front of people.

Have a great day and I will talk to you the next time!