That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. By this stage the whole ‘new year’ thing has pretty much been done to death. So at this stage I will simply say that I hope each of you has an incredible new year that is filled with all of the things you bring about for yourselves!

For my part at least I have a lot going on. I have finished up my Novella about Jumah and it is in my lovely editor’s hands. As soon as we get it cleaned up I will be hosting a competition on Deviant Art and the Kalijor web site. The contest will be asking for all interested artists/fans to compose a full color, cover image for the book. The finalists will be chosen by myself and then the winning piece will be selected via popular vote, most likely on dA just to keep things easily accessible and totally impartial on my part. Once the image is selected, I will composite the cover together (adding titles, text and so forth) and then assemble it for publication. I will also purchase an ISBN for the novella so that it can be purchased online and in local book stores the world around.

The winning artist will receive not just the by-line, but also a signed copy of the book.

At this point I am also kicking around the idea of taking submissions in black & white for interior art at the head of each chapter (which would be nine pieces I think). Judging would take place in a similar fashion and prizes would be the same for everyone since I am still not exactly rolling in the dough.

In other news, I have just begun work on a story submission for “The Rifter” Which is Palladium Books’ quarterly gaming publication! I have outlined all of the characters and the plot and am now refreshing my knowledge of places, names and equipment (damns, it’s been a long time since I was in the main Rifts book!!). The first page is written and immediately took on a life of its own, so I have high hopes that the project will move along pretty quickly. That having been said, if it does move as quickly as I think it will, then I will likely also pound out a new O.C.C. and two new alien races for submission as well. If that is well received then I may have a better shot at getting my source book into their hands as well. Here’s hoping!

Anyway, I hope this finds you all well and I intend to keep better track of this blog during 2008. My goal is at least weekly posts. Shouldn’t be too difficult….. should it?