SO. All seems to be going along fairly well here. I just pushed a pretty big story update to the Kalijor main page. A bunch of new stories were added along with some final touches on a couple of the series I had going there.

I am still writing daily. Right now I am working on a submission for The Rifter, which is a quarterly publication from Palladium Books. Along with that short story I will be statting out some of the characters, classes, races, and a town from that story for use with the Palladium Books system. Hopefully they will be interested in picking it up for an issue or two *crosses fingers*.

As soon as I am done with that Then I am going to finish a book I began before Chrsitmas. It is a book concerning my own personal experiences in management. Sort of an autobiographical do’s and don’ts of management if you will. I have no idea how well received it will be but it is something I feel I need to write, so I will!

In other news, I have applied with a couple of game developers her ein Denver for some content building positions! That would be the ultimate job for me!! I can’t even tell you how exciting it would be to go to work every day and create stuff for other people to play with!! Simply amazing! I will keep you informed.

Did some basic work around the house today. Regrouted a bunch of tiles in my shower stall. Next up is the drain in the kid’s bath tub. It’s leaking so I need to get it all sealed up and squared away, then I can move on to patching up the cieling in the kitchen where the kid’s tub leaked through! After that… I have no idea… but I am quite sure that something will present itself in due time.

Alright. I am off to get some more writing done. I will gab at you all later! Here’s hoping you all have a great day, and a wonderful however many dayes it takes before I post again!