Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still about. I am pretty deep into looking for a new job as well as writing up a pile of submissions material for Palladium Books’ quarterly publication called ‘The Rifter’. I can’t really discuss it much as I can’t have the material showing up or being discussed online at all or it will greatly reduce my odds of publication. So, suffice to say that I AM here and I AM working on something pretty big.

Hopefully I can get ‘Jumah’s World’ back from my editor soon so I can get it all set up and formatted for publication. Once that is done then I WILL be holding a contest for cover, and possibly interior, art for the book. When that is all said and done, the book will be available for purchase online and through local book stores for somewhere under $10US. Those individuals that get art in the book will receive free copies for their portfolios. Not a huge prize but at this point it is all I can really afford to do.

Also, I am still open for writing commissions, information here:

I am very open to feedback and negotiation so don’t let these figures stop you from PMing me with questions!

Creative writing: $10 per typed page
Creative writing with ‘world building’ services: $15 per typed page

Technical writing (all information provided, outline, specs, etc…): $10 per typed page
Technical writing (including research): $30 per typed page

Editing (in the form of a ‘marked-up’ Word doc with comments/annotations): $15 per typed page
Rewriting/Editing (in the form of a ‘marked-up’ Word doc with comments/annotations and accompanied by a separate Word file with the altered text): $30 per typed page

The technical writing section will include reports, white papers, methods and procedures, instructional materials, job aids and the like.

All writing will be in the form of a Word document, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches in a 12 point Times New Roman font with single line spacing. Rates are based on these numbers so any requested change may result in a cost adjustment (so writing in a novel size formate of 6×9 would cost less since the pages are smaller).

On that note, I am off to work on these submissions a bit more. I hope everyone is having a great day and I will speak at you all later!