Ok all, I hope this message find you well.

As or myself, I am still looking for work. I am trying to break into something involving writing, preferably creatively, although I am not really about to complain if something else comes along. I am accepting writing commissions as well if you need anything done. Rates are as follows:

I am very open to feedback and negotiation so don’t let these figures stop you from PMing me with questions!

Creative writing: $10 per typed page
Creative writing with ‘world building’ services: $15 per typed page

Technical writing (all information provided, outline, specs, etc…): $10 per typed page
Technical writing (including research): $30 per typed page

Editing (in the form of a ‘marked-up’ Word doc with comments/annotations): $15 per typed page
Rewriting/Editing (in the form of a ‘marked-up’ Word doc with comments/annotations and accompanied by a separate Word file with the altered text): $30 per typed page

The technical writing section will include reports, white papers, methods and procedures, instructional materials, job aids and the like.

All writing will be in the form of a Word document, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches in a 12 point Times New Roman font with single line spacing. Rates are based on these numbers so any requested change may result in a cost adjustment (so writing in a novel size formate of 6×9 would cost less since the pages are smaller).

On another note, I have a book signing set up at an awesome little place in Yampa, Colorado called Leisure Mountain Studio. My wife has been accepted as the artist of the month there (she sold one piece before it was hung up on the wall, and several since) and the proprietor was gracious enough to put up a few copies of my book as well.

Anyway, the reception for the art show is on Saturday April 26th from 4pm to 7pm MDT and I have been invited to do a signing at the same time. So, if you want to come by and say hello, get a book signed, or see my wife’s awesome art, the happening is in Yampa on the 26th. For those that don’t know, Yampa is a nice little railroad town on Highway 131 about 20 minutes outside of Steamboat Springs. So come on up, make a weekend of it, I hear Steamboat has received more than 50 feet of fresh snow this season so the skiing is likely very good, and the weather is warm enough to really enjoy it.

Also, ‘Jumah’s World’ is back from the editor and has been revised! I have passed it off to a couple people for review and as soon as I get it back and have a talk with them, I will make any final adjustments and get the cover art contest rolling. My plan is to have it in full swing by the end of next week!

Also in the works:
-My Palladium Books ‘Rifter’ subscription is about 80% done and should be getting much closer through next week, if not finished.
-My new business should be getting off the ground next week some time as well. Stay tuned for more on that, but if you are in to High Definition video, interval photography, or even trains, you may want to watch this space for that announcement.
-The Kalijor RPG book is being tightened up nicely, although I still want to add a lot of content yet. The test group has been on sabbatical for over a month now due to scheduling issues but we are on again as of this Saturday!
-It’s Spring time!

Ok, I think that’s about it for now. Sorry for the infrequent updates, but I have been swamped with stuff, and in the middle of looking for a job too…

Anyway, I hope this message finds you all well and I look forward to seeing you all in Yampa on the 26th!