Um. Ok….

Wow. I didn’t realize that I had been SO busy as to have neglected this blog for three months. My bad…

Alrighty then. No drivel about not doing that any more or how sorry I am. Just to the point!

The Jumah’s World charity book project is well under way. I have received the first proof and had to make a couple changes so we are still a couple of weeks out on that project, but I may have been able to sneak a few rare copies out before the changes went up. If so, I will have 26 extremely rare copies with unique covers that will never be printed again!

Here’s hoping they got out the door before the changes were made.

In other news, I have piled up a pretty substantial pile of prose about a new character in the Kalijor universe. His name is Darren, or was rather, but that’s all explained in the text. I plan to get it up onto the Kalijor Writings page in the next few days, although work and a trip up to Yampa, CO may put that off for a couple of days. Soon though!

Also, I have been able to finagle a few commissioned drawings of some of the cast of the books/stories! They are coming together and should be done in the next few weeks (art takes time folks! Be patient, I am just as excited as you are!). With my next update to the site, again, in the next few days barring any life intrusions, I will put up the one or two completed pieces I have and some of the rough sketches I have for the others that are still very much in the works.

The RPG book continues to be refined as play-testing progresses, and there has even been a little work done on the first two supplements. Here’s hoping that the folks at my favorite RPG publishing house are up to the challenge of making Kalijor a little more alive than it is today! As Kevin Siembieda is often heard saying, I think I suffer from an overactive imagination. Not that it hurts these projects any, but damn if some stuff doesn’t just get lost in the sauce from time to time!

Ok,I think that’s about it for now. See below for a list of what the heck I am working on around my job, family, and whatever else is going on these days!

_________Project List__________

-The Second Key of Kalijor (First major edit/revision)
-The Third Key of Kalijor (about 150 pages into writing)
-Jumah’s World (Proof reordered)
-Darren (Still writing. Also, I need a name for this book…)
-The Kalijor RPG Book (Play-testing/revising and still adding a few odds and ends here and there)
-Kalijor RPG Suppliments (Very early stages, but starting to ramp up)
-Requiem (Comic with a friend)
-AI (Comic with a friend)
-Short Film (Screenplay for a short, CGI piece my brother intends to make)
-Feature Film (Screenplay for a pretty amazing movie idea, can’t really say any more than that at this point)
-Mysterious Ghost Writing novel project (Still simmering)