OK, so Kalijor.com is basically up and running well enough that I am alright with saying I am done tweaking it for the time being.

I hope to get some more content going in now. Most of it to the encyclopedia area as I continue to flesh out the universe. Bear in mind that most of the stuff there is already in use in one form or another, much of it in the RPG book I am building and play-testing with the help of my amazing group of friends.

So don’t expect a lot of cosmetic changes to the site, or even functionality changes. But there will be some content additions/updates coming in here and there. I still need to get the meta tags running, but that is a short job that will probably be done before anyone actually reads this blog! 😀

In other news, I finished the Darren/Daray story and am now giving a name for the book some thought. It ended up being 410 6X9 pages in a 12pt Garamond font (smaller size but same font as the Harry Potter books). Which is WAY more than I was ever planning to write on the thing. As it happens I think I have more to add, so my NaNoWriMo project will likely be a companion book, detailing a parallel story that fills in a few gaps and then carries the story on a little further beyond where it left off.

It will be a while before the Darren/Daray book(s) see print however as I want to focus my print efforts on the ‘Keys’ books as that is the primary story arc. Fear not however, as there will be print copies coming, down the road a ways. In the mean time, I will post the first couple of chapters at kalijor.com here in the next couple of days.

I am still awaiting publisher approval on Jumah’s World, but it hasn’t been kicked back in a couple weeks so I hold out high hopes that it will be hitting book store websites very soon. Expect an announcement, followed by a flurry of press activity once that happens as I will be trying to get a signing put together at the Denver Children’s Hospital!

OK, I think that’s about it for this round. Trying to keep up this blog now that things are moving along so hopefully more will be coming along soon!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next time! 😀