Cover artist for The Second Key of Kalijor is in the pipe, and the cover design has been agreed upon for preliminary sketching. The manuscript revision is about 33% done, and could be done this week if all goes well. We’ll see.

At that point, I will get a couple copies out to test readers for feedback and then get into another revision. After that, it will likely need another technical editing pass, then we could be ready for publication.

If all goes smoothly, that should all be done before June. No guarantees however, I’d rather miss my date by a bit than rush the product. I rushed Jumah’s World a little bit and it shows in the product, I’m sorry to say. It’s still an incredible work, don’t get me wrong, but there are things I should have done, that I didn’t. I don’t ever intend to let myself do that again.

So, stay tuned. I’ll keep the status of the new novel in the public eye so you all know where things are at.