Heyas all!

I just wanted to touch base with you and say that, as of 11am February 7th, 2009, both ‘The First Key of Kalijor’ and ‘Jumah’s World’ are available on the Apple App Store. This means that you and your family and friends, can fire up your iPhone and/or iPod Touch and download a copy to read while you are out-and-about!

They are both stand-alone applications, which makes them easier to access (as opposed to opening up an eBook reader, then browsing for the files). They remember where you left off last, have adjustable font size, reversible colors and are searchable.

Please check them out, and tell your friends and family to have a look as well! 🙂

On a side-note, all author profits from the sale of ‘Jumah’s World’ are still going to the Denver Children’s Hospital, even iPhone/iPod and other digital formats (my books are also available on Amazon’s Kindle platform).

OK, I am off to get ready for P&P gaming. I hope you have a great evening/day and I will talk at you later! 🙂