Just so everyone knows (I know the both of you have been wondering), I am still here, and still alive!

I have no idea why this blog is so difficult to maintain regularly (maybe it’s because it cost me my last job uh? Meh). Anyway, Just an update on all things Kalijor.

To begin with, The Second Key of Kalijor is done and waiting for cover art. My artist assures me that he is making headway, but he has to pay the bills, so a couple other projects have had to be put ahead of the book cover. I trust it will be done as soon as it needs to be, and am hoping it is before the 4th of JUly, since I will be able to get it in front of my fans in Yampa when we are up there for the celebration!

I have gone through what I have of the The Third Key of Kalijor, checked it for continuity and flow, as well as some general editing, and dived back in to the writing (nearly 60 pages in the last three days). So that is coming along nicely again and may be done before the summer is over! Of course, there will then be loads of editing and rewriting to be done, but that could easily put The Third Key of Kalijor on track for a summer 2010 release (no promises of course though!).

Play-testing on the Kalijor RPG is moving along quite nicely, only a few major issues have been turned up, along with a heap of typos and other technical foibles. It should be in second draft soon and ready to really move into the hard pitch with Palladium!

In similar news, the first source book is done (Rathalon) and several more are in various stages of completion. These new source books include, Earth Ring Station, Pandoria, The Moon, and Avian. Currently the Earth Ring Station is the furthest along (around 30 pages), but they are all sort of being built simultaneously so anything can happen!

For those who aren’t aware, the Kalijor universe is in multiple formats now. You can buy the soft cover novel in any major book store around the world or online as always, but you can also get the hard cover special edition on Amazon Marketplace! Also, the books (The FIrst Key of Kalijor and Jumah’s World) are both available on Amazon’s Kindle platform, as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch via the Apple App store!

The electronic versions are quite affordable (all of them under $10US), and all profits from Jumah’s World still go to the Children’s Hospital no matter the platform you choose to enjoy it on, so dive right in!

OK. I think that’s it for now. Hopefully this will not be the last time I update this blog this month!

Thanks for hanging on for an update, and I look forward to seeing you at the next release party!