Terrible spelling in the title of this entry, I know. But it’s been a good day and I am excited, so humor me please!

This is just a brief notice to any fans that are reading this blog that, ‘The Second Key of Kalijor’ is now in print, and available to the general public!

You can currently find a copy at my Lulu store front, here, or through the Kalijor.com page. In the next couple of days, to a few weeks, it will become available at amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and all other major book stores the world around.

Also in the pipe are all of the electronic versions. The Kindle version is submitted and awaiting the push to the online Kindle store, and the iPhone/iPod Touch version is waiting on a bit of paperwork, but all the files are set and ready to fire off the instant that is covered, so I would expect it to show up in the app store over the next week or so, very possibly much sooner than that.

I updated Kalijor.com with all the new sales/book links, and will be putting in some new desktops to the media section of the page over the next couple days, but I need time to get the files all set up and ready for you lot, so please bear with me.

OK, that is all for now, except to say that the Third Key is already over 300 pages and going strong. I have a fashion gig at the end of this month that I need to fabricate some stuff for, but in September I will hit the Third Key hard, and get it finished up, hopefully before November, so I can let it cool down for a little bit before first revision (although the first 250 pages have already been revised once since I had to reread it all after I nearly lost the file!).

SO, good night all, please stop by the forums and let me know what you think of the new book after you read it! 😀