‘The Second Key of Kalijor’ is now available the world around! Go to your nearest book store, and order a copy today. Right now even. It’s OK, I’ll still be here when you get back, so go ahead!

The price was finally fixed at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel has it, and you can get it from my LuLu store front (via Kalijor.com, then a link right on the front page). Or, if you’d prefer, you can email me, and we can arrange payment and delivery for a personalized/signed copy. I will be getting desktop images of the cover up this week, and believe me folks, this art (by the amazing David Magoun over at Full Spectrum Arts & Services) is totally worth having on your desktop!

This year, I am really going to start pushing Kalijor into the public eye, so expect to see announcements about local conventions, book signings, and hopefully some media coverage here and there.

To start off with, I will be signing copies at the Mile High Karate in Thornton (120th Ave and Colorado Blvd) this Thursday the 17, from 6:30 to 9 pm.

Then I will be signing copies in Yampa, CO on Saturday September 26th, at Leisure Mountain Studios, from 4 until 7pm!

More to follow there, so stay tuned!

Coming up……

OK, since I know you’re wondering, here’s the scoop on what’s happening now that the Second Key is available. First off, we have begun revision/editing on a spin-off novel that takes place between the second and third key books, and involves Riana, Willhelmina, Vincent, Xavier, and more, but centers on a new character who makes his living as a professional, corporate thief!

While that edit/revision is going on, writing continues on The Third Key, and let me tell you, it is coming along quite nicely. I’m about 300 pages in, and going strong. If the story continues as it is going now, this book should be killer (and even bigger than the first two)!

Editing continues on the Kalijor RPG man book. It’s over 400 pages now, without any interior art. The Rathalon source book material is being play tested, and as many as 5 more sourcebooks are well into being written. I’m doing what I can to appeal to the publisher I have chosen to support the material, but they have a lot going on in their world just now, so things are going slowly. But fear not, I am confident that we can expect to see a Kalijor RPG in print in future!

OK< that's about it for me. I'll put up more soon, but for now, I have things to attend to, so I will let you go. THanks for tuning in, and I look forward to seeing you al on the forums, at the signings, and on the streets!