Okay then….

Has it really been… what? Months? Since my last journal update?

All I can say is, I apologize, to those of you who read and, for whatever reason, look forward to these updates. I’m really bad at keeping up on them, and this is the one I do most often. Which is sad, if you consider the fact that I have a blog on my Kalijor.com web space and I am trying to break down the doors of the literature world…. *sigh*

Well, at any rate, I have not been sitting on my laurels over here…

We broke even at Mile HIgh Con, which was pretty good considering how terribly organized and run that convention was. THe fans were awesome though, and I met and chatted with a ton of amazing people. I got a lot of new insights into the publishing world, and am happier every day that I am self-published and own my own Intellectual property. More hope for the future of the franchise!

While at Mile HIgh Con, we were invited to Mysticon, which is in Colorado Springs, the weekend of January 21st. So we’ll be there all weekend. It’s a new convention and is all about faeries, fae, and other faerie tale worlds, but will be sharing a hotel with a science-fiction convention as well, so the whole thing should be amazing, and the audience will be right up our alley!

Taeva, who is posing as Riana in the couple of pics I posted from Mile High Con, has agreed to become the official model and face of Riana and Katrina for our trips to cons, as well as for all of our novel covers going forward. So now we have an official model, an amazing cover artist, and a dedicated group of phenomenal test readers. Add to that the growing legions of readers, and some great reviews, and I think we’ll be just fine before too long, and should be expecting Lucas and Bruckhimer to be knocking on the door any day now!

After that, we have Star Fest in April, and We’ll be trying to get to Nan Desu Con in September sometime, I think. I”m going to build a new cos-play for Riana, that Taeva will be wearing at Mysticon. It will be similar to the one worn by Selene at Star Fest, but unique, and much closer to what I was trying to do when I ran out of time making the original. Then I will be making a sci-fi cos-play for her to wear, so she can trade back and forth at Star Fest. After that, we’ll start working on some Kat cos-plays for her!

Also, We’re cleaning up one of the Kalijor short stories to use as a limited release book to be sold at conventions this coming year (2011). My intention is to have one short story book available per year, at conventions only, and then to collect them all into a compilation that will be offered through book stores once they are all done and have seen convention releases. So if you’re a completist collector (like I am ) then you’ll need to get to the cons, at least once a year, to get the short stories in their own covers!