Okay, so a friend of mine just turned me on to this website, goodreads.com.

Alright, so it wasn’t such a huge leap, in retrospect, but it wasn’t something I knew about before. Mostly as a function of my being really bad at this self-promotion gig that writing these books has sort of thrust upon me.

All that aside, however, the site looks to be pretty awesome, especially if you are looking for a place to find a good book that is right up your alley. THere are tons of reader reviews so you can get to the simple truth of how good a title is pretty quickly.

Add to that, the fact that it is cross-indexed and hot-linked like any good wiki, and suddenly it’s an extremely powerful tool for both authors, and readers.

So. Those of you who know me, probably know that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I resolve to keep any resolutions I make during the year. As such, I am now resolving to pay more attention to this blog, and really step up the promotion of Kalijor!

2011 is going to be a strong year for us here at Kalijor Press… There is somethign in the wind…