Keep on swimming, keep on swimming…

Just a note to say things continue to move forward, or possibly a bit to the side like……

The first copy of the Third Key is back from test reading and I am going through the comments and making adjustments. Still waiting for more, but I know for a fact they are under way, so we are hopefully on target for an unannounced release date…..

Additionally, I am working on some revisions to the Kalijor RPG main book, and adding a bit to the Avian sourcebook (Winged elves anyone?)

I should be laying out the costume for Taeva tomorrow and Friday, and cutting and cleaning it up after Christmas. Shouldn’t take too long to build out, but the details will take a while, so I need to get this part done as quickly as possible. The boots are in, so we’re getting there!

Okay, moving on. Talk to you all later!