So, the Con Book is done and ready for copies to be ordered. It’s only 30 pages, so I had to get it stapled, rather than perfect bound (or square bound, depending upon where you’re from), but that has the added benefit (or is that an undocumented feature) of keeping the price down. Now all I need to take a wild guess at, is how many to print for StarFest……

On the subject of the Third Key of Kalijor, the typesetting and layout is all done. The ISBN is in and the bar code is in the hands of the artist, who is in New York for a week… *deep breath*

It should all be good though. He’s sent along what he has so far, and it looks amazing. I think you will all be very happy with it, I know I am. The timeline is going to be tight, but we will definitely have the book available beginning at StarFest, on April 15th. It just may not be available in stores until May some time, but that’s okay, it just means that convention-goers get an exclusive preview!

In other news, we are kicking around some ideas for a Kalijor (and other worlds) periodical, which we hope to get off the ground this summer. Plus, the graphic novel is still in production, and I will be speaking with someone directly about licensing the RPG engine I want to use for the Kalijor RPG during my trip out east in August. With any luck, we could have a Kalijor RPG main book available for the holiday season. *crosses fingers*

Lastly (I think, anyway, I do tend to ramble at times), I have just entered into an agreement with Apple to distribute directly through iBooks. I know the books are already available there, but I am not at all happy with the formatting, so I’ve decided to do it myself, so I can have much better control and oversight. I am currently involved in revising the first and second keys (mostly reformatting to save space/paper), and intend to re-release those, as well as launch the Third Key in the iBooks store in May after things calm down from StarFest a bit. I’ll let you know when it happens. 🙂 Interestingly, that will be the first time anyone will have access to the second editions. Landing in digital book stores before print. Also, expect huge news about pricing when this all comes to pass. *grins*

Okay, I think that’s about it, so I’ll leave you with this.

StarFest: April 15-17
GenCon Indianapolis: August 4-7
Mile Hi Con: October 21-23

Catch us there!