So David, the amazing force behind came through in style today!

I am ecstatic to announce that The Third Key of Kalijor is ‘in the can’, to use the vernacular. The cover art came in today, and looks phenomenal! I was able to get all of the files updated and uploaded, and copies ordered. It looks like, if everything in the printing and shipping process takes the maximum amount of time, we will have copies available the day before StarFest.

It’s close, but I’ll take it! I was pretty worried there for a little bit, but I kept calm (albeit with plenty of venting upon friends and loved ones, thank you all for your understanding), and collected. So here we go everybody, round three, with only two more to go for this story to be wrapped up (don’t worry, there’re plenty more tales from Kalijor after the keys have been handled)!

I’ve been receiving plenty of emails and notes form folks excited to see the new book, and I am very pleased to say that we are really working hard at outdoing ourselves on these as we go forward. We keep learning from industry insiders, and fans alike, and there are big plans for the future of the series, as well as the world of Kalijor.

Some insight into what’s in the works:
-Second editions of the first and second keys (fixing some issues with text and punctuation, etc, inside the books, plus refreshing the cover art of the first book to bring it in line with the others), these will include new formatting to bring the books’ interiors in line with the new style of the third key, and I think you are all going to love it!

-Re-releasing the digital editions! All of the digital editions of the Kalijor books will be re-released after StarFest. These new editions will have much better, tighter formatting, and take better advantage of all the benefits of digital publishing, including tables of contents, and a significant reduction in white space and empty pages.

-Repricing of digital editions! As part of the above revamp, there will be a huge change (for the better) in pricing on the digital editions of the books (if you haven’t bought one yet, and you can wait a month or so, then you should do so. Or, buy a hard copy and send proof that you have it, and I’ll send you the digital copy of your choice)!

-A new iOS app is in the works that will allow you to enjoy not just my own prosaic musings on a regular basis, but those of other, equally crazy, folks as well! Look for a preview at StarFest. I have it in my hands now, and it looks amazing!

-The first ever Kalijor COnvention short story book will be on hand at StarFest. It’s a short story that will only be available at conventions (until we have enough of them to publish a short story collection, but that will have different cover art).

-The first Kalijor graphic novel is still in production. If we can have it in time for Nan Desu Kan, then we will be there, but we aren’t rushing this one, because we want it to be amazing, so we’ll see.

-Plenty more, that I can’t talk about yet, so stay tuned!