Well, the publisher keeps getting faster and faster! I ordered 50 books on Monday, was told they would arrive in about 2 weeks and change, and was then informed they had shipped less than 24 hours later I received them Friday, and they look amazing! I am loving the new formatting. It is a little denser, which means less page turning, but the font is still good for easy reading.

Also, the formatting change is saving about 200 pages, which is also great, as it keeps the cost of books down, and saves paper too!

I think we can call that win-win-win!

So, I will have copies of the Third Key at StarFest, beginning the evening of Friday, April 15th (I think they open officially around 3pm) and will be there until the kick us out on Sunday, early evening! If you want a copy, and can make it, do so. Copies will not be available from book stores for another 6-8 weeks, due to the processing time required to get it through all the systems and into the databases.

So, those at StarFest will have a chance to read it before anyone else who wasn’t a test reader or editor!

All that said, I also got the formatting down for the ePub version of the book (it’s looking very solid now, and handles resizing of the font wonderfully!), so I can now move on to the second editions of the first two books to get the formatting in line, clean upma few odds and ends, and get them ready for the big post-StarFest announcement!

So, I think that’s about it, for now. I hope you are all doing wonderfully, and hope to see you all there the weekend of the 15th!

End of Line…