So, we are all set for StarFest this coming weekend!

The fun begins Friday the 15th, around 4pm at the DTC Mariott! I will be there all weekend, from open to close, and I will have David (the cover artist and much much more), Taeva (the official model for Riana and Katrina), as well as various other supporters there on and off throughout the weekend. As usual, Saturday will be the big day for costumes, attendance, and fun, so if you can only make one day, that’s the one to make it happen. Taeva will be there in full Riana cos-play, with tattoos and everything!

StarFest attendees will have the first chance to see, buy, and read the Third Key, as it’s still working its way through the book databases and won’t be available on shelves for at least another month, maybe a little longer (we are dealing with bureaucracy, after all). So, if you want one sooner than later, you need to get there! If we don’t sell out, then I will have a limited quantity to ship from here, so if you can’t make it this weekend, you may still be able to get one before they hit shelves. I’ll post after the fest and let everyone know how we look for stock.

Also, that big announcement is going to be made at StarFest as well, the one concerning digital copies, and other projects. Again, an announcement will be made after next weekend, if you can’t make it down.

Okay, I am off to work on writing and revisions, so I can keep the stories flowing. I’ll talk to you all later, and sincerely hope you can make it to StarFest this weekend!

End of Line…