Okay, things are still moving along.

There ~will~ be a more substantive update coming soon, but I want to make sure that whomever reads this, is assured that I am still working on any one of ten different things, at any given time.

Firstly, the Kalijor forums are currently down. Some…… person….. hacked the site and had the events/calendar page randomly generating spam events at a prodigious rate (the calendar table in the dB was already over 4 GB in size, and events were stacking up at a rate of 3-5 a minute). So, I have taken the forums down pending a clean-out of the guilty code. At the same time, I will be upgrading the forums to a new software version. I hope there will be no data loss, but I cannot say for certain.

Secondly, the second editions of the first and second keys are nearly complete. I have a couple tweaks to make on the second key, then it is live time! If you were at StarFest and asked for a digital copy, it will be forthcoming, imminently. Please stay tuned.

The Third Key is still in the pipe, awaiting approval by the powers that be. Hopefully it will be available in stores soon.

The Fourth Key continues to evolve/be written. No announcement on availability as yet, but hopefully sooner than later (hopefully next summer?).

The website will hopefully be getting another revamp in the near future. No word on when, yet. Still looking for good software.

I hope to have some great prints from Full Spectrum Graphics at Gen Con, as well as some apparel, and maybe a few other odds and ends to bolster the Kalijor product line. Stay tuned for more.

Okay, I am off to work on some… work… oddly enough. I hope you are all well, and look forward to our next interaction!

End of line…