Okay, just a bit of news to drop real quickly before I hit the hay (odd term that.. hit the hay? Even granting the origin likely stems back to when it was much more common to sleep on, or in, hay, why hit it?).

Anyhow, The second editions of the first and second key are done. Whilst I await approval/activation from Bowker in order to buy more ISBN’s so I can publish to iBooks directly through Apple, I went ahead and cleaned up and re-released the Kindle versions. If you have a kindle, and you’d like to check out the books, now is the time.

Also, I have lowered the prices from $6.99, to $2.99, indefinitely. I may go lower in the future, we’ll see. I just want to throw it in the face of these big book companies who are behaving like the damn record labels. A bunch of dinosaurs who are afraid the world is about to leave them behind, so they have to squeeze every penny they can, before they can’t squeeze any more.

Sorry, didn’t mean to rant there. Still, take that! Ya dirty rats! The Third Key is processing through on the Kindle as well, and should be available, at the same $2.99 price, very soon. Apple versions are coming as soon as Bowker decides I’m okay. They’re all ready to post to the Apple store, just need ISBN’s.

Soon, the print versions will be in second edition as well, with all the new formatting, as many error fixes as we could find, and a little bit of tweaking here and there. But they are still very much the same stories, so no need to rush out and buy copies as soon as they’re live. Unless you want to, I guess… I mean, I can’t really stop you, but I’d really just prefer you convince between 1 and 50,000 other people to buy copies.

So, I’ll post as more changes arise, but that’s where we stand just now. Oh! The forums are still down, because some self-important @$$hat hacked the calendar and filled my SQL database to overflowing with stupid pr0n garbage. I’m working on rebuilding them, and getting them overhauled and updated to the newest software version, but there are other things on my plate as well and the forums, as much as I love them, are not so popular as to be a major priority just now. Soon though, so hang in there if you’re jonesing.

I think that’s about it for now, so I’ll get back the hitting of the hay… whatever that means…

End of Line…