So, last night we added a couple new galleries (one for fan art, and one for some pics of Selene cos-playing Riana at the 2010 StarFest convention), and cleaned up a few links and things. Also, I went through and added character images, a map of Kalijor, and a fun group pic to the wiki/encyclopedia.

In that same vein, I have begun adding ~new~ entries to the wiki as well, beginning with a couple of places. This is where my energy will likely be focused for a while ahead… cleaning up and building out the wiki. Any fans out there are more than welcome to join in, as there is lots to do there!

Either way, the forums have been built out a bit and stand ready to receive your comments/thoughts, and we are building out the sales links and book pages on the main site. After that, there is some more streamlining to do, and then the wiki and general enhancements will be the focus of our activity.

In writing news, I am almost 200 pages into the 4th key now, and things are starting to really move on their own, so that is very good. I have set a goal for myself to finish writing it by the end of September, so I can get it through its first major editing pass by the end of October. If we can hold that schedule, then the 4th novel stands a very real chance of being in readers’ hands by StarFest (April) of 2012!

Here’s hoping!

That said, I am going back to work, so I will talk to you all later. 🙂

End of Line…