From finishing the Fourth Key.

Still, I managed twenty pages this weekend before in had to take a break. I had to fight through a couple sections, and it didn’t help that inkept putting movies on, instead of music, while I worked.

But that’s nearly 10k words. Which isn’t bad for a weekend, even with all the video distraction…

That said, I think I’ve hit a good stride in the plot and words should be flowing here for the forseeable future. I hope to get the first draft ‘in the can’ by the end of September. If I can, then there is a real possibility of getting the new book in print for StarFest 2012. We’ll see how it goes.

Next up, the site!

I’ve started editing entries on the wiki, whilst Mike works on the main page (mostly. I’m sure he’s working on the wiki too). He’s added sales links and cover art to all of the book pages, and a sign-up spot to get on the Kalijor news letter. Lots of other, under the hood, things have gone in as well, and I think it’s all starting to add up to awesome! Good thing there’s no charge for awesome….

On a personal note, I often say that I try to judge each piece of media on its own merits, rather than compare them to other things. This has led me to an ability to enjoy just about any kind of ‘horrible’ movie or book, etc.

To that end, one of the movies I watched this weekend, while I should have been writing, was Battlefield Earth.

All I can really say is wow. I think that may be the single worst movie I’ve ever willingly subjected myself to. It was riddled with plot holes, fraught with poor acting and even worse dialogue, and did a terrible job at every sub-plot and sub-text they tried to force into it. What a dirge. If you ever have the chance to see it, I highly recommend… That you go get the root canal taken care of. Or go slam your head in the door of a ’57 Chevy or anything else that could be considered less painful.

Okay, that’s about it. Thanks for listening, and I’ll talk at y’all later!

End of line…