So, to celebrate Thursday, I decided to put the First Key on sale, on all available eBook formats we currently support, through the end of September.

So, until the end of September 30th, you can star your journey through Kalijor for only $0.99 (or whatever the equivalent is in your area/currency)!

So, get your copy today on:

And tell your friend’s and family about the sale as well. It’s a perfect time to get new readers interested.

On another note, I wrote 5,000+ words today. Nearly at 70k in the Fourth Key now, and still going strong!

I am also going through the RPG book and building a list for art assignments. Still no official word on the license yet, but I want to be ready to jump into action the moment the deal is signed. If at all possible, we will have a Kalijor RPG book in print for the holidays. Worst case, it will be Galaxy Fest in February.

Lastly, we have 35 ‘likes’ on FaceBook. 15 more and two people will get one free digital edition of the Kalijor novel of their choice, in the format of their choice. That’s one to a random fan in that first 50, and one to the person who referred them to the page!

Okay, I think that’s about it for now. Time for bed here, so I’ll talk to y’all later. Have an awesome day/night/weekend. 🙂

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