We just play dead people on TV….

So, things are still moving along, although much of said movement is behind the scenes and below deck, so it isn’t likely to be seen by the average on-looker.

I’ve been slowly working through the Kalijor Wiki, beefing things up and reformatting entries. I’ve gone through all of the people and vehicles and completely reformatted them. Working on cross-linking, some editing, and the additions of little bits here and there.

The past couple day’s I’ve been focusing on the article about the future of humanity and have been building out a rough timeline of happenings from today, through the year 3040 when the story truly begins. More to do, but much is being done.

Also, the Fourth Key is coming along more slowly than I would like. But it is still coming along. It’s approaching 80,000 words now, but there is still a lot to do before this one is over. I think it could be a large book, even with all of the new formatting we’ve adopted for the books going forward.

I had a great meeting with my book artist last weekend, and assigned art for the RPG book. So as soon as we get the okay to proceed on that, we will already have the wheels spinning and just need to put them on the ground. I doubt the book will be out for the holidays this year, but we should be able to make our first con appearance of 2012 (GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs) with the brand new RPG book in hand! Barring any unforeseen circumstances, of course.

I think that’s about it here for now.

Also, just a reminder that the First Key of Kalijor is on sale through the end of September on all major eReader devices/stores. Get your copy now while it’s still only $0.99! At that price, it could make an excellent gift for someone who loves to read and is looking for some fresh new science fiction!

Okay, I think that’s actually it now. Going to work. 🙂

End of Line…