Hey everyone!

It’s been a couple weeks and I wanted to touch base and let everyone know that I have been working on Kalijor quite diligently.

I’ve put down nearly 10,000 words since last we spoke, and the Fourth Key is well over 300 pages. Obviously, the Ovtober 1 finish date is not going to happen, but I am working on freeing my time up from some other projects so I can focus (almost) entirely on the novel. I still want to finish it in October, hopefully by the end of the second week, but we’ll see how it goes. Muses can be fickle at times.

I’ll keep you informed!

On teh RPG front. The artwork has been assigned to our amazing cover artist, and we may also have a few pieces from a previously unpublished artist who does amazing creature and equipment artwork, as well as amazing anime-style people and action scenes. I’m really excited at the prospect, and anxiously awaiting news on teh RPG rules license.

Lastly, all of teh September sales on the First Key of Kalijor are ending tonight, so if you want to get a copy on your eReader, or you know someone else who would like one, act now!

All of the Kalijor books are available on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, stores, as well as all major online booksellers, and you local brick and mortar stores as well.. Also, you can get them from our own online shop, or you can email me directly if you’d like to arrange for the purchase of a signed/personalized copy!

Okay, I think that’s about it for now. I am going to finish up this clothing commission tonight and get it all packed up to ship out Monday, then my attention is entirely on the next novel until it is done and ready for editing/revision!

So, on that note, I will talk to you all later!

End of Line…