So, the event on Friday went splendidly!

Taeva came down in one of her Riana costumes and mingled up and down the street a bit, spreading the word an handing out cards and bookmarks.

We had a load of people come by the table and check things out. We chatted a bunch, met lots of new folks, and had a generally awesome time of it. I’m looking forward to the next round. Hopefully we can get even more people up to see us now that there have been some eyes on the new gallery and the word can spread.

We were told that the previous tenant was a bit odd and his work was kind of strange, so the space may have a sort of bad stigma attached to it that we need to wash off and rebuild, but I am quite confident that we can do just that!

Next public event will be Mile Hi Con toward the end of this month. Stay tuned for details!

As for me, I am currently working on the Fourth Key manuscript. I printed the first half (or so) of the book and got it to my editor so she can start going over it as I finish up the manuscript. I”m still hoping to get it into revision and out to test readers next month.

Okay, back to work with me!

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