Holy crow!

Where does the time go? Last I looked, it was mid summer and 2011 was still fairly young. Now, all of a sudden, it’s going on November, and the last con of the year (for us), is only a week away!

Well, at least I can say it’s been a good year, and it isn’t over yet either. Still plenty to do yet! I am working away at the Fourth Key, and I’ve given the first half, or thereabouts, to my editor, so we can get the book out to test readers as quickly as possible. I’m still aiming to have physical copies for StarFest 2012 at this point.

The RPG deal is still in the works, and play-testing is about to resume on sourcebooks so that, once the main RPG book is in print, we can quickly follow it up with several supplements. Once the RPG goes live, I am hoping to get two sourcebooks out per year, for as long as we can keep making them. All around the regular novel writing and publishing, of course. 😉

Okay. All of that being said, I need to get back to writing the Fourth Key, so I can get the Fifth book done for y’all and resume working on some of these other writing projects.

So, please come out to Mile Hi Con and say hello. We’ll have plenty of books, including the last few copies of this year’s event only short story, The Trouble with Goblins. The only way to get one of those is at a live event in the year of 2011 (2012’s event book is already written and just needs editing and cover art).

Here’s a link to the con info site.
Riana will be there in the flesh, for those who’d like to meet her (probably Saturday and part of Sunday). She loves to chat with fans and sign pictures and books.

We hope to see you there!

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