Well folks. Mile Hi Con begins tomorrow (Friday the 21st) at around 2pm!

It’s at the following location:
Hyatt Regency – Tech Center
7800 E. Tufts Ave
Denver CO

Mile Hi Con is in its 43rd year and is an incredible Science Fiction and Fantasy literature convention. There is a huge list of amazing authors that will be there this year, not to mention the fun games, anime screenings, robot death matches (critter crunch), costume contest, and much, much more.

Also, Mile Hi Con is home to one of the best art shows/sales at like conventions in the state of Colorado. It really is worth checking out if only for that.

There isn’t an author’s table that can be rented, but there is a local authors table that can be used to sell and sign books. This is where we’ll be, as much as we can be without getting in the way of other authors who want to use the space. Last year we shared the table with several awesome authors, and were able to use the table all weekend, but that may not still be the case. We’ll see!

Even if we can’t sit the table all weekend, we’ll still be around, and books will be available for purchase and signing. We have a lot of great stuff this year, including copies of all three of the Kalijor novels, Jumah’s World, and this year’s ‘event’ book, a short story called ‘The Trouble with Goblins’ and will only be available at events this year (2011). Next year we’re doing a whole new event book, so if you want a copy, this will be your last chance to get one as we have no more conventions or events planned for 2011!

We have loads of great news this year too. Things like Fiction Feed, the Kalijor RPG (pen and paper game), graphic novel(s), and much more, are all on the docket for the very near future. We’d love to chat with you about any and all of the above, and don’t forget that the holidays are approaching, and books make excellent gifts that keep on giving year after year. (And remember, I sell most of my books below retail at conventions!)

So, we’ll be there in all our splendor, with Riana wandering about to chat with folks and pose for pictures (Saturday will probably be the best day to meet her if that’s why you’re stopping by).