Heyas everyone!

Well, Mile Hi Con was a blast! I met a ton of new and interesting people, learned a few new things (signing eBooks anyone?), and came away with an idea for an incredible new spin-off novel for the Kalijor world!

I sold a few books, and I think I’ll sell quite a few eBooks in the next few days. And for al of that, I want to thank ~you~! That’s right, you! Thank you! Without you, none of this would be necessary, or even possible. So again, thank you all for your energy and enthusiasm.

All of that said, I want to assure you all that work still continues unabated. The Fourth Key is already in editing, even though I am still working on the final chapters still. I believe we are still on track for an April release, but it’s going to be tight, so bear with me if updates slow down a bit to focus on meeting that goal.

In the meantime, the RPG deal remains on track for a February release, and the Graphic Novel is still in the pipe and ready to go once we can fund the art (which means the RPG has to do well for the graphic novel to come to pass).

Thus far, next year’s con schedule looks thusly:
GalaxyFest in February
StarFest in April
Denver Comic Con in June
Mile Hi Con in October

Our plan is to have the RPG and the new con/event book in print for GalaxyFest, The Fourth Key in print by StarFest, and, with luck, the first RPG sourcebook by Mile Hi Con. Of course, if things go well, we could advance this schedule and add more products, such as a second sourcebook, a graphic novel, to even another regular novel. All depending upon how much you all can help us support the schedule.

How can you help? I’m very glad you asked. It’s simple really. All you have to do is tell ten people how awesome the Kalijor world is, and get at least one of them to pick up a copy in the format of their support!

So, let’s make it happen folks. Let’s get Kalijor in every household in the world. Make it an everyday name that nobody can ignore! It all starts with you, and ten of your friends or family.

Go ahead. I’ll wait right here for you. 🙂

I’ll be writing whilst you’re away.

End of line…