Hello everyone.

This is not a terribly informative post, really.

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have been getting an inordinately large number of spam user registrations over the past couple of days.

I don’t like it. Not one bit.

Although, I am not sure there is much, if anything, I can truly do about it. THey don’t seem to be coming from any particular domain, IP, or other discernibly common point of origin, so I can’t block them at the source. Thankfully, we have some measures in place to prevent most bot-posting, but it still sucks.

TO help make me feel better, I went ahead and deleted a large number of users from the site. I deleted any user accounts that I did not recognize the actual name on, and did not have any posts to their credit. I sincerely hope that I did not delete anyone who is a legitimate person, and if I did, I humbly apologize. Deleted users cannot be undeleted, but they can be recreated.

Jus know that things like… names… are actually important, even if you choose to not publicly display them, to account management. Please, use them.

In other news, the Fourth Key is getting further along. I am approaching a point that ~could~ be a nice stopping point in the story, and it will certainly be a long book already (compared to the others in the series), but I am waffling a bit on carrying on through the next few plot points in order to keep the final book of a similar size, instead of making it potentially huge, rather than just large…

I am certainly open to suggestions.

I am still awaiting the paperwork for the RPG licensing agreement, so I still can’t say anything official about that, but once it lands, we are ready to hit the ground running and get the RPG to press inside of a couple of months (still aiming for GalaxyFest in February for this one). The first sourcebook is already 99% written, and the second one is about 75%, so we could get three RPG books to market next year pretty easily, once the deal is signed, and if sales support the sourcebooks after the main book is released.


We will also be at First Friday for Galaxy Gallery this Friday, November 4th, from 6pm until around 11 or 12. It’s located at 802 Santa Fe, upstairs in unit 5. I will be there selling and signing books, David Magoun, the amazing cover artist for Kalijor Press will be there chatting and signing books, and selling prints and original pieces of his incredible, original works.

Also on site will be my wife, with her superb black and white images of animals of all kinds. She works primarily in black ink on paper, but also does some scratch board and the occasional color piece, but her work is richly detailed and very reasonably priced, especially considering the fact that it’s all matted and framed (ranging from $20 up to $500, for all original, one of a kind pieces).

THere will be other artists, and live music, and a portion of all sales will be donated to a great cause. Arts in education at a local school.

So, come out and see us, and if I deleted your user name, please remake it and include your name so I don’t axe you again the next time I get upset at spam registrations!

Have an awesome day. 🙂

End of line…