Hello everyone!

Just a few things to let you all know about today. I know it’s been a while since I posted here, but I assure you that I have been busy in my absence!

I’ve made a couple little tweaks around the site, and with the help of my awesome friend, new links have been posted form the book pages to iBooks, so you can now link from book pages, directly to their pages in the iBooks store on your iOS device!

Lots of little tweaks continue to go on over at the Kalijor Wiki, mostly formatting changes right now before the next big push to add additional content, which could be coming as soon as mid-December.

In bigger news, the rough draft of the Fourth Key of Kalijor has been finished and is most of the way through preliminary editing! This is amazing news as it puts us still on course for an April release, although it is a bit tight. Still, I think we can make it happen!

I am also editing/rewriting the story for the 2012 convention/event book as well, so that will be ready come January.

On the RPG front, we’ve had some major revisions slated to go in, and that will happen just as son as the first revision of the new novel is finished. We’re hoping to hear back on the license soon. I still hope to get the first book out by February, but it may have to wait for an April release as well. if that’s the case, it just means StarFest in April will be that much more amazing!

Also coming next year, hard-covers for all the novels! You’ve asked, and we’ve heard you!

We are making tentative plans to attend GenCon 2012 in Indianapolis, but we won’t know anything more concrete until after the RPG launches and we know how it’s going to be accepted by fans. Here’s hoping we get to go out and see those amazing folks once more!

Lastly, check out our Facebook page for a coupon code good at our Lulu store for up $50 in savings on books for you and your friends and family this holiday season!