Hello everyone!

Just a quick update today.

Firstly, I have arranged for the First Key of Kalijor to enjoy a month-long sale across all of our supported families of ebook stores (that’s iBooks, kindle, and nook, sorry about no Kobo support, but Borders seems to not enjoy dealing with authors directly so there is no Kalijor on any Borders device or in any of their ever-dwindling stores).

So, for the month of December, The First Key of Kalijor is only $0.99 in electronic format. Nows the time to check it out if you’re still on the fence. $0.99 isn’t even a cup of coffee at a local filling station! Most of us could probably find that kind of coin in our couch cushions! So, give it a shot, folks. I suspect you’ll be glad you did.

Next, we will be at the First Friday gallery opening for Galaxy Gallery. This is the gallery for David Magoun of Full Spectrum Arts, the amazing man behind the cover art for the Kalijor novels, and very soon the Kalijor RPG as well).

Come on down and see us Friday, December 2nd from around 5PM until around midnight at Galaxy Gallery, 802 Santa Fe, studio 5, upstairs over the furniture store.

Next up, The Fourth Key of Kalijor is in the can! Yep, we finished it last night and copies are going out to test readers this week. Barring any major issues, we are still on target for an April release at StarFest 2012!

On a similar note, the 2012 event short story is being rewritten this week after an editing pass. I need to get a cover for it, but it should also be done in plenty of time for GalaxyFest in February.

Then there is the Kalijor RPG. I will be starting revisions on the main book this week or this weekend. We had loads of great feedback from our most recent games and I think this book is going to be amazing when it’s done! We’re still waiting for the license paperwork and David is chomping at the bit to get the art going. He swears he can have it all done in time for a February release at GalaxyFest, but I’m not promising anything at this point. We’ll do our darnedest to make it though.

Okay, I think that’s about it for now. I hope everyone’s doing well and I look forward to chatting you all up the next time we meet!

End of line…