I just had a great conversation with a personal hero of mine. The bad news is that the RPG license is not going to go through. There were a few concerns between our respective intellectual properties that would have made things potentially very difficult down the road, for both of us.

That said, he is an awesome guy who is doing everything he can (at leas as far as I can tell from here, anyway) for everyone he can. We chatted up the material, the plans for Kalijor’s future, and a few other subjects, and in the end, though we are not doing business together, I like to think we have the beginnings of a very positive acquaintance, possibly even a friendship… One never knows what the future may hold!

So, Plan B.

Thursday evening, after another conversation with this person had brought to light some of the potential issues, I went to bed around 11 but just couldn’t sleep with all the RPG uncertainty rolling around in my head. So I snapped up the ole’iPad and took to writing. By 1 I had what I think may be a serviceable RPG framework. There is still much to be done, and a ~lot~ of testing once much of that doing is done, but I think were are back on track to seeing a Kalijor RPG.

More news will follow, but rest assured, that we are still on track with the 4th key for StarFest, and I have copies of the 2012 event book already on their way to me. As well, I think I am going to spend a little bit of coin and bring a few Kalijor odds and ends to GalaxyFest to test fan interest/uptake on them. I ordered myself an iPad and iPhone case form the store for my own devices, to check the quality of the printing and products. I have to say that I think they are fine products and, even with the special printing, the costs are on par with cases that I have seen in regular retail outlets.

So, plan B is in effect, and under way. Novels are on course, and things are still looking pretty good, even if a little bit behind schedule.

I hope you are all having an awesome day/weekend, and I look forward to interacting with you all in future. 🙂

End of Line…