The iBooks download codes will be awarded this evening after business hours (around 6pm Mountain Time), so these are the last few hours for you or your friends/family to get your names into the hat for one.

All that need be done is to ‘like’/follow Kalijor Press on Facebook (available to the right here at If you refer someone to us and they ‘like’ the page, then drop a note to us, or post on our wall saying whom you referred, and both your names go into the hat.

Download codes are for iBooks only this round, we’ll do another eBook promotion on another platform here sometime soon.

Also, in related but dissimilar news, I finally finished the hard cover editions of the 2nd and 3rd Keys last night. They aren’t available for general purchase yet as I wanted to get proof copies and make sure I don’t need to make any final tweaks before releasing them, but we’re now just a couple weeks away from availability, and I will have some copies available at StarFest in April, along with some T-shirts and other odds and ends… and… you know…. that other new book everyone has been asking for… 😛

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the GalaxyFest rundown and pictures sometime this weekend. Working on getting a short story submitted for the GenCon 2012 Missing Pieces book before I go there.

End of Line…