Did a ton of work on teh new RPG book yesterday. I’ll probably work on it a bunch more this evening. Mostly through moving race and class descriptions and info from the old book to the new one. There will be some updates/changes necessary once the rules are firmed up more, but for now it’s just nice to see it taking more soild shape.

The Fourth Key is in the can. Cover text has been sent to Full Spectrum Arts for layout on the new cover art. We’re on schedule for a StarFest release.

So, only one person has offered thoughts on my question about what other sorts of goodies you’d like to see at StarFest. Am I to assume silence means ‘Don’t bring anythign but books’? Or is there something folks would like to be able to pick up there aside from books?

T-Shirts? Hoodies? Polos? Gadget cases (iphone, ipad, nook, kindle, somethign else?)?

Oh! I also have entered talks with a great local cos-player to dress as Riana during the con. She sounds interested, but we’re still hashing things out, so stay tuned!

That said, I am out of here to go work on the RPG, and maybe the Fifth Key!

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