I’ve just heard from David over at Full Spectrum Arts that the new cover art should be delivered today or tomorrow! This means that the Fourth Key of Kalijor should be completely wrapped up by the end of this weekend!

By completely wrapped up, I mean that I will have published and ordered copies for StarFest, and pushed copies out to Apple, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel for the eBook versions. It will still be six weeks or so before you can get it in book stores, just because of system lag between Bowker and the rest of the world, but fear not, I can, and will, have copies, both hard cover and soft cover, at StarFest!

In other news, the Fifth Key is growing again. I just got through a particularly difficult bit of writing last night and things are breaking free again, so there should be some much more measureable progress there going forward.

In other, other news…… I have no other news……

Be well!

End of Line…