All of the new books are on their way to me. I should start receiving them as early as Monday. *super excited*

With any luck, it will be available in stores on or just after StarFest, but there really is no accounting for red tape, so no promises. It is, however, available now on Kindle, Nook, and at the Kalijor Press book store at, and at a discount of 15% or more, until Friday, April 6th, around midnight Eastern time.

Other than that, just gearing up for StarFest where the book will officially debut!

In other news, I added about 2,000 words to the Fifth Key last night, and I just received a few stylus (styli?) for folks to use for signing on the iPhone/iPad when using credit cards at the table!

The RPG is in a bit of a holding pattern for a while, but I did finish my taxes, so that is out of the way. I am now juggling mostly just the new novel, and the RPG, so headway will begin being more apparent going forward!

On the RPG front, I have a basic rule system set up that, I think, will work fairly well. It still needs play testing to prove it out and make tweaks though, and to make that happen, I need to get on with rewriting all of teh skills, abilities/psionics, genetic mods, cybernetics, and magic/spells to be in line with the new rules. No small task, but certainly doable. I tjust means play testing needs to be held off for a while as that work is being done. I should be able to reconvene the group when I’m at about the 50% mark, or there-abouts. We don’t need ALL of the material translated in order to test the rules, but we do need enough that a variety of characters, play styles, and situations can be tested pretty thoroughly.

I have to say, I am really looking forward to StarFest on the 20th. And we didn’t get into Denver Comic Con (I waited WAY too long), but we will be there next year. Plus, we still have GenCon this year, and Mile Hi Con!

Okay, I’m rambling, so i tmust be time to sign off. So, to recap: Go buy books now at our book store and save 15% or more instantly. Looking forward to StarFest. Working on the RPG and the Fifth Key. Oh, and Spring!!!!

Okay, that is all…

End of Line…