Okay, so the awesome Meevers-Desu has agreed to cos-play Riana at StarFest this weekend! She’ll be dressing as Zatana (from DC comics) on Friday, then Riana on Saturday and Sunday (if everything fits well, she’ll be in Riana’s fantasy garb on Saturday, and teh sci-fi outfit on Sunday, but if there are issues with teh fit on teh fantasy outfit, then she’ll be doing the sci-fi outfit both days). She’ll be all over the con, but visiting the table frequently. She’ll have discount cards to hand out, so if you want a deal on books, seek her out and ask for a cupon (and, you know, get your picture taken with the coolest sci-fi/fantasy heroine ~ever~).

Kalijor Press will be at the con all weekend, with all of our books in stock (including a limited quantity of hardcovers). If I have anythign to say about it, we’ll be at the same table we’ve been at the last two years, but if we can’t get that one for some reason, then we’ll be as close as possible to it (right outside the back door to the dealer’s room in the hallway between registration and the atrium). We’ll even have some other Kalijor products there to show off and get opinions on, including some gadget cases, water bottles, and shirts. If feedback is good, then we’ll start beinging some of that stuff to cons in the future. 🙂

Joining us on and off will be David Magoun of Full Spectrum Arts. He is the amazing artist behind our most recent covers, and if you ask me, he really knocked it out of the park on the Fourth Key! He’ll have art in the art show, and we’ll have as many prints available at the table as we can (he’s had some computer trouble the last two weeks, but we’re trying to get through it with enough goodies for y’all to have a chance to get something).

As for the Fourth Key… It is available from our own online store, as well as the Kindle store, and the nook store. It is still pending approval in the iBooks store, and the Bowker database (so it’s not on iBooks or on regular book stores/web sites yet). I hope one, or both of these will go through by this weekend, but I’m not holding my breath. If you’re waiting for one of these things to happen, please hang in there, it will be soon. But, if you aren’t too particular about where you get the book, then by all means, please visit our own online store, or better yet, come see us this weekend!

I think that’s it for now, so I’ll let y’all go. Here’s hoping we see you this weekend. If not, then enjoy the heck out of it!

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