First off, the news.

The Fourth Key of Kalijor is now available on iBooks! Pick up your copy today at for only $2.99!

Next up, the book should be dropping into the books in print dB any time now so copies can be ordered from local book stores and online retailers outside our own book store here. Soon… It’s been nearly six weeks now, so it should be any time.

As for StarFest… Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy with the RPG and a bunch of personal stuff since the con. Lots to do winding up and down from convention mode.

Anyway, the con was awesome! We had a blast chatting with folks and snapping pics of great costumes (and there were some amazing costumes this year). The incomparable Meevers Desu cos-played Riana in both her sic-fi and fantasy world garb and did a wonderful job. By now there are pictures of her far and wide across the internet, so if those in our gallery here are not enough for you, I have faith that you can seek out some more pretty easily (you could start on the Kalijor Press Facebook page, to your right here…).

We introduced about 40 new people to the world of Kalijor over the weekend of the con, so that was pretty awesome, and welcome aboard to all of you new readers! Please, share your thoughts on the world with your friends and family. Soon enough we’ll have an army of fans and Bruckheimer won’t be able to ignore my phone calls any longer!


Sorry. I get carried away sometimes….

So, the hardcovers were a hit at the con. I didn’t sell out, but I sold enough to confirm that there is indeed demand (doesn’t hurt that they have the 2nd edition text in them either), so that will be a standard going forward, along with softcovers and ebooks.

Also, next year, I will be doing some panels! I’ll probably do one on self-publishing, both digitally and in print, and maybe something on genre fiction writing, what do y’all think? I’m trying to get onto some panels at MileHi Con this year as well, but they don’t seem to keen on responding to my inquiries, and by the time they finally do so, they tell me it’s too late to get on the program. I don’t like to speak badly of people, so I won’t. I’ll just say that is feels to me as if they want nothing to do with me, specifically. I have no idea how I offended them, or how to rectify the situation, but if any of you have thoughts on the matter, or would like to see me do some panels there, please share your ideas (or contact info for people who could help)!

And on that note, I think I am going to pack it in for a while. I have a ton of work to do on the RPG after our first play test with making characters, and there is that whole fifth novel to finish up…

I hope you are all having an awesome day and I will post again soon.

End of Line…