All is indeed well here at Kalijor Press.

Writing continues on the Fifth Key (things are starting to really get into gear for our heroes). Just this weekend, Riana got in her first firefight caused by her being the most wanted person in the Sol System! She followed that up with a conversation with Daray, who threatened to stalk her if she didn’t promise to call when help was needed.

Vincent is smuggling himself into the besieged Neo-Tokyo because nobody knows what will happen if Riana tries to teleport someone else using her developing abilities, and as soon as he gets to a safe spot, the crew is logging into Kalijor to start after the first of the remaining keys!

Also, we’ve discussed some reasons for how Anja is able to use her powers more effectively than Riana, and none of it adds up very well for Riana or her friends, I’m afraid.

In other news, I’ve started David (Kalijor Press’ official artist) on art for a Kalijor Art Book! This book is going to be David’s own, and it will be merely assembled and published by Kalijor Press. So, while it will be filled to the gills with art from and inspired by the worlds of Kalijor, it will not be directly story related. This is David’s chance to really play with the Kalijor backdrop and cut loose with his amazing world-building skills to share his visions of Kalijor with you, the reader.

At this point, the book is planned to be somewhere between 20 and 30 pages of one plate per page images in 8.5×11 inch format. I’m hoping to also collect and add in some production/in progress images and narrate the book just a little, to add some insights and perspectives from David for you all to share in, but we’ll see how that goes. I am hoping to have it ready in time for GenCon in mid-august, but that all depends upon David’s schedule at this point.

I’ll keep you all posted as news is available.


Next up, the Kalijor RPG news.

At this point I have gone through and made all of the rules/game play changes the group arrived at last time we played. I am in the process of rewriting skills/abilities for the new book. It’s slow going, at best. I may have a playable demo ready by GenCon, but I am certain a finished product will not be forthcoming until sometime next year, at the earliest.

The good news here is that, once the finished product does go live, sourcebooks will start flying off the press in rapid succession. Rewriting the source books will be much faster work than rewriting the entire main book. 

Also, I am considering a kickstarter campaign to fund the finishing of the main book. It sounds like there are several people willing to help out, and if I do it that way, there will be some pretty killer rewards offered up for the mid and high level supporters. The lower level supporters will get great rewards as well, but those mostly center around the RPG book itself. The higher level supporter rewards will also include hardcover novels, special art prints, and more (possibly the art book if it is done by the time we roll out the kickstarter campaign).

Part of the reason I’m considering this funding source is that it is going to take around $5,000 to make it happen properly. Why so much? I’m glad you asked!

You see, a good book cover, by any professional artist, will run between $500 and $1500. Add to that the literally hundreds of interior images required to make an RPG book really come to life, all of which range in cost from $10 to $200 depending upon size and complexity, and things start to add up pretty quickly. Of course, I could skimp a bit on interior art, and the true meat and potatoes of the book would still be just as good, but much of the visual appeal that one expects in a good RPG book would be lost as a result. I just don’t feel that is the best way to proceed, especially with the flagship of the line.

While it’s true that we don’t need an image on every page, it is also true that we don’t want to go more than a couple pages without an image. They add so much character and depth to the world, and help readers/players get a better feel for the environment they are entering into. The images really serve to set the stage for the epic adventures that players are going to undertake in the realms described therein.

In addition to art, there are some legal filings that will need to be made in conjunction with the book (about $1,000 worth), and the costs of actually publishing the book, both physically, and digitally (and be aware that I fully intend to publish all of the Kalijor RPG books in as many formats as possible, which includes print, iBooks, Kindle, Nook, etc. I want it to be super accessible and imminently portable).

I could print the book without the art, and without the appropriate filings, and only in one, limited format, but that isn’t how it should be. That wouldn’t be fair to you, the readers/players, and in the long term it wouldn’t be the best for the franchise/IP, so I’m not going there. There are sacrifices I am willing to make, but skimping on these bits is not one of them.

So, what say you? Thoughts you’d like to share? Please do so. I really want to hear what folks have to say!


Graphic Novel news…

David still has the script and is playing with storyboards, but the graphic novel is on hold until the art book and RPG book are in the can. Once we have those in place, we’ll get back to the graphic novel and give it the attention it deserves!


Other news…

Avengers rocked! If you haven’t seen it, do so. Even if you aren’t a fan of the comic, it is an epic super hero movie and Joss absolutely nailed the thing in every way possible. I’m officially pursuing him to pick up the Kalijor IP for film as I am now convinced there is absolutely nothing the man cannot do well on film.

Also, Mark Ruffalo did an amazing job as Banner/Hulk. He and Stark were my favorites throughout the film and their chemistry was top notch.

Again, go see the Avengers immediately, if not sooner!

On that note, I think I’m off to do something productive for a while. I hope you all have an awesome day and I look forward to interacting with you in the near future!

End of Line…