Firstly, The Fourth Key of Kalijor is now appearing in such fine establishments as Barnes and Noble and other stores that are linked into the Books in Print database! It isn’t on yet, but if you look at the Kindle version, it says you are saving $17 over the print version of the same book, so I suspect it will be there very soon as well. If you’ve been waiting to get a copy, now is the time. even has it on sale for $17.99 which is $2 off retail.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind, I can always use reviews on all of these sites (particularly and on all of the books. The only way to get featured by them, is to have so many good reviews, and I only get reviews by your good graces, so I humbly request that if you haven’t reviewed any of the Kalijor books, please go to, and/or, and share your thoughts on the books with the rest of the world’s readers!

On the back of that good news, is a bit more.
I am about 70% done with the rewrite of the Kalijor RPG to the new rules! The skills and abilities sections are much better filled out, although there is still some need to go through and refine things, add more descriptive text and the like, etc. My next major task is to migrate/rewrite the genetic mods, cybernetics/bionics, hacking/programs, and spells/magic. These will be pretty straight forward, but there will be a lot of playing with stat blocks to get them into the new rules. It won’t be hard work, but it willb e a bit tedious, so it will take time. But it feels good to get the bulk of the rest of the material done and to celebrate, I will return to writing the Fifth Key for a while!

In other news, we will be starting the Kalijor art book very soon. David’s getting his computer situation sorted out, and some other business finalized, so he can get to painting full time here very soon. I hope to have this book in print by GenCon, so y’all can see/purchase it at the table there. Although, if the Fourth Key was any indication of timing, I sincerely doubt it will be orderable in book stores by then, even if we do make it. Still, I’ll have copies on hand if we pull it off, so it will be available!

What do you think about the title:
David Magoun’s Art of Kalijor
Art from and inspired by the world of Kalijor

We’ll probably put his Kalijor covers in, along with 20-30 fresh, new images that have never been seen before. we’re also going to try and get in some sketches, some of David’s thoughs about pieces and what led him to come up with certain ideas/images, as well as some excerpts from teh books that may have inspired certain pieces, or the pieces may be directly depicting. Also, we’re going to add reference numbers (to the facing pages, not the actual image plates) so that you can jump over to his web site and order prints of an image in almost any size you want, directly from, and signed by, if that’s your thing, the artist!

What do you all think?

And on that bombshell, I am back to work over here!

End of Line…