Heyas, everyone!

I know it isn’t a huge savings with the cost of books where they are these days, but I wanted to let you all know that through June 22nd you can save 70% on ground shipping at the Kalijor Press Book Store.

No coupon codes required, just spend more than $10, and select one of the ground shipping methods, and you get 70% off the shipping costs.

In other news, still plugging along in the Fifth Key. RPG play testing is spinning up into high gear now that the bulk of the material has been translated to the new rules/book. Still lots of rewriting of text to do in order to make it more mine, but much of the hard work is done. Now we just play the heck out of it, try to break it any and every way we can, and tune it up as we go. 🙂

Also, I have submitted three events for GenCon. All three are two hour play-test sessions for the game. I hope to get some folks in there to test it out on some ‘strangers’ and get some unbiased opinions. The sessions have not been approved by the con folk yet, and they may not be since they were submitted a ~bit~ late, but we’ll see.

If they go live, will I see any of you there?

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