Hey everyone!

Still plugging along here. I’ve got a couple requests to do some guest blogging at a couple different writing sited/forums/blogs. Any ideas what would be interesting/fun to blog about?

Also, there is currently a 20% off sale happening at the Kalijor Press Book Store. Use cupon code CHASE at checkout to save 20% on whatever you buy! Sale ends at the close of June 29th, so act soon to get your books at a discount that I can’t really offer directly.

In RPG news, I’m still working on reqriting a bunch of text, but it’s pretty much all there now. I’ve submitted three 2-hour gaming sessions for GenCon, working on getting them approved with teh staff now (apparently there is some confusion about the Kalijor RPG having the same name as the publisher, Kalijor Press… Not sure why that’s an issue but…. whatever…. we’ll suss it out). I’m building a quick, two hour scenario to play folks through with premade characters so they can use the rules and check out the world of Kalijor. Here’s hoping we can get them approved quickly and generate enough interest to get players to come check it out!

I think that’s about it for now, so hang in tehre, everyone and I’ll chat with you later on. 🙂

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