Heyas, everyone!

So, the house is being painted, and the evap cooler is dead. The car seems to be working, but the dealership isn’t… Although they said they would. The dog is awesome, the kids are doing great, and I love the wife more than ever. There are also a couple cats around here somewhere. The deck sanding project is slowing down, and I even find myself wondering id that concrete it is sitting on is in decent enough shape that I might just do away with the wood altogether….

With all of that going on, I also have several cons coming up the rest of this year (and more next year), and I have decided that it is high time (well past it, actually) to get involved in some panels and public discourse! I am fair sure that there are questions out there that I have answers to (or at the very least, opinions about). I am perfectly willing to take a few hours and chat with fans, and soon-to-be-fans alike. but I find myself wondering…

What is it you, as fans, fellow writers, and biased third parties, want to hear about from an author/writer/publisher?

Someone recently suggested talking about what makes characters work. I mean, they need to be very much like real people, right? With character flaws, strengths, foibles, those little idiosyncrasies that make us all so terribly unique and… well… unique, right? But they also need to have that little, undefinable (or maybe not so undefinable) trait that makes them someone that others are drawn to. I mean, to borrow the question from a friend/fan, what makes someone get on the back of a speeding motorcycle, with a sub-machine gun and have a high-speed shoot out in the middle of a populated arcology, rather than just calling the cops and then heading home?

Is that the sort of thing that you think readers would be interested in? What about world building? Or the process of writing? Maybe, something about publishing?

You see, I’ve never really had the opportunity to go and chat with/ask questions of authors that I’ve looked up to. So I’ve never given much thought to what sorts of things I’d want to talk to them about. Therefore, I find myself needing some direction in the matter; and for that, I have you!

So shout out folks! What should Kalijor Press and/or Paul Lell put on the agenda to chat with fans/readers about at conventions?

Also, writing is still progressing, albeit a little slowly at the moment…

End of Line…